Don’t Niche, Multi-Niche for Writing Success

interlocking gears

  Leverage your time, efforts, and profits with multi-niched silos Should you niche or be a generalist? There are pros and cons to each. Niching helps establish you as a subject matter expert, thought leader, and influencer. It’s easy to build a following. Being a generalist suits writers who have multiple interests and don’t want …

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7 Tips for Presenting Like a Pro

speaker seen through a smartphone camera

Credit: mohamed_hassan Pixabay Strong presentation skills are necessary for long-term career and business success, but it may be one of your biggest challenges. Have you ever mispronounced a word or fumbled a sentence so badly it you felt like a fool? Are you nervous about speaking up at meetings? Does the thought of making a presentation turn …

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Develop as a Professional

Develop as a professional with skills improvement e-courses from The Unstoppable Professional and give your career or business a boost. Start with Your Mood Down in the dumps? Can’t get motivated? Everyone gets into a bad mood. It’s caused by a variety of reasons; some serious; some not. Long-term mood problems might be a sign …

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Effective Marketing Is More Than Persuasive Copy

Effective marketing is like a cathedral vault with arches and keystones

Often when we think of marketing, we go straight to marketing copy since this is the most common vehicle through which we target and reach our clients and customers. Rarely do we consciously think about what supports effective marketing efforts. Just like the keystones that support the weight of massive cathedrals and help distribute tons …

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