Your Guide to Greater Productivity and Effectiveness e-Course

Do you end your workday feeling exhausted without having accomplished anything important? Are you tired of putting out fires instead of having time to work on what’s important? Is your business taking over your life and leaving little to no time for anything or anyone else? If you answered yes, start now to take charge …

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Excellent Article on the Effects of Covid-19 on Mental Health

Seven Ways the Pandemic Is Affecting Our Mental Health from Greater Good Magazine   Facing an infectious disease, we have been forced to maintain distance from each other, all while going through levels of fear, uncertainty, job loss, and grief that are unprecedented for many people. Continue article here.

How to Communicate like a Pro

The ability to write and speak clearly and accurately is the mark of a professional whether you are in a career or are an entrepreneur. Good communication skills help others understand you and help you understand them. This leads to fewer mistakes, better relationships, and increased productivity.

Over the next 10 days, you will discover strategies, tactics, and tools to help improve your communication skills, increase your confidence when presenting your ideas, and improve your written communication.

Ramp Up Your Effectiveness

You can’t control time.  You can control how you use time. The key to being more productive and effective isn’t time management; it’s action management. It’s paying attention to how you are using your time. Create Routines for Ending and Starting Your Work Day Routines help you be more productive because, once established, you don’t …

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When Negative Feedback Punches You in the Gut, Don’t Punch Back

There are positive ways to move forward. Feedback comes at you from all sides — managers, editors, parents, partners, children, colleagues, clients, and, thanks to social media, total strangers. It can spur you to improve and achieve more, or it can derail you and send you into a downward, negative spiral. Whether it helps or …

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