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  • speaker seen through a smartphone camera 7 Tips for Presenting Like a Pro - Credit: mohamed_hassan Pixabay Strong presentation skills are necessary for long-term career and business success, but it may be one of your biggest challenges. Have you ever mispronounced a word or fumbled a sentence so badly it you felt like a fool? Are you nervous about speaking up at meetings? Does the thought of making a presentation turn …

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  • Boost Your Self-Confidence After It Takes a Hit - How do you recover from a setback that slams your self-confidence to the ground? What does it take? It starts with understanding about why we focus on the negative and learning how to shift a negative into a more positive frame of mind. Early in my writing career, I got an editorial go-ahead to write an …

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  • Need a Quick Confidence Boost? - Negative self-talk can easily undermine your self-confidence with a constant diet of criticism. This inner critic is tricky and sly. Most of the time, you don’t actively listen to what your self-talk is saying; it’s a constant chatter running through your mind. Like elevator music, you just ignore it. However, when that chatter comes from …

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  • Head Outside to Improve Your Mood - No matter how much you love your work, there are times when you run out of steam. Some days do you feel as if: Your motivation has run dry? Stress will overwhelm you? Your brain has turned into a bowl of mush? You’ll blow if one more thing goes wrong? You’re so done. Just. Plain. …

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  • Your Guide to Greater Productivity and Effectiveness e-Course - Do you end your workday feeling exhausted without having accomplished anything important? Are you tired of putting out fires instead of having time to work on what’s important? Is your business taking over your life and leaving little to no time for anything or anyone else? If you answered yes, start now to take charge …

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  • Create an Information Empire e-Course - Learn to Repurpose Your Creations in Many Markets You’ve probably heard about passive income–earning while you sleep by creating products that deliver income over and over. You’d love to get in on that, but you don’t know where to start. Would you be surprised to discover that you can start right now where you’re at …

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  • How to Communicate like a Pro - The ability to write and speak clearly and accurately is the mark of a professional whether you are in a career or are an entrepreneur. Good communication skills help others understand you and help you understand them. This leads to fewer mistakes, better relationships, and increased productivity. Over the next 10 days, you will discover strategies, tactics, and tools to help improve your communication skills, increase your confidence when presenting your ideas, and improve your written communication.
  • How to Improve Your Self-Confidence - Online Courses : How to Improve Your Self-Confidence
    Self-confident people have a can-do attitude that helps others see them as competent, capable professionals. They believe that they can meet and overcome obstacles and are willing to face challenges. The right amount of self-confidence is necessary if you want to succeed in your chosen profession or business.

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