How to Turn Your Posts into Profitable Products

You have lots of ideas, but they don’t seem to come together into something you can turn into a product. Then again, you’re not sure that you have something people will want to buy.

Maybe you don’t even know what products are best for you to create, let alone where to start.

The whole passive income thing seems hard and involved and way too much work.

I get it. I was in this same place. I had lots of ideas and no plan to turn them into passive income. I was confused and lost.

Then I realized that I was sitting on a gold mine of passive income products and didn’t know it.

Don’t Overlook Your Richest Source of Passive Income

If you have been blogging for a while, you probably have hundreds of published posts that you easily and quickly can turn into passive income products. I know because I have done it for myself and my clients.

My posts have ended up in my workshops, special reports, articles, and more. With a little tweaking and guidance from this article, you can create three products — an eBook, an audio series, and a video — using the same set of posts.

Build a Focused eBook in Just 1 Day

Start with the quickest product to create and market — an eBook. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go through your blog posts and choose 25 to 35 posts on a single subject. (If you don’t have this number of posts, decide the ones you need to create for your eBook and schedule them to post before the eBook is ready.)

2. Copy the posts into a Word document.

3. Organize the posts into a logical flow, so each post fits with the one before it and leads to the one after it.

4. Insert hyperlinks to the services and products on your website.

5. Create a title page.

6. Proofread the eBook.

7. Create a PDF.

Up the Value with Easily Created Audios

You don’t want your eBook to stand alone. Those posts can be repurposed into a companion set of audio recordings. Here’s how this works:

1. Go through your eBook and choose three topics that you can speak on for about 15–20 minutes each.

2. Prepare a script for each, add new content not in the eBook, and include references to your services and products, but don’t hard sell.

3. Record and save the audios, using your computer, smartphone, recording software, or a service like

4. Sell separately, bundle them into a single set, or combine them with your eBook.

Throw in a Video to Double Your Profits

Let’s keep going. Now, you can take those same posts and turn them into a video or webinar.

1. Go back to the eBook and chose one topic that you can speak on for about 45 minutes.

2. Script the content, adding new material and references to your services and products.

3. Create a PowerPoint slide deck or a video script.

4. Record the video by running the PPT on your computer, setting up your camera and filming yourself, or using a webinar host.

5. Save the video for sale as a standalone product or bundle it with the eBook and audios for a master set.

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Bundle Up for Maximum Returns

  1. Create a Master Bundle that includes everything — the eBook, the audio series, and the recorded webinar.
  2. Make sure branding is consistent across every element, so the entire package looks cohesive.
  3. Create a sales page with Buy Now! Buttons that let people purchase each product individually or the entire bundle.
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Turn Your Dream of Passive Income into Reality

You no longer need to dream about creating passive income — now you have a plan for doing it!

You know you have something valuable to share because you’ve been posting for a while and have followers — people who want more of what you have to say!

The thought of creating passive income products can be intimidating, and yes, it will take some work. But at the end, you’ll have a bundle of products that can be sold over and over. Plus, you can add more products to build more valuable, higher priced bundles — just by continuing to repurpose your posts.

Once you get started, you won’t want to stop. Before long, you will have entire lines of passive income working for you.

Choose a theme and get started mining those posts for gold.

If you have questions about this article, feel free to reach out to me at Just mention this article in your subject line.

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