Beginner’s Guide to Blogging for Business


You want people to spread the word about your business and its unique value by sharing your posts. When you provide valuable information, people will forward it to their friends and clients. Make this easy by asking them to share your posts and by including social media icons. All they have to do is click on the icon to spread the word.

How to Improve Your Self-Confidence

Online Courses : How to Improve Your Self-Confidence

Self-confident people have a can-do attitude that helps others see them as competent, capable professionals. They believe that they can meet and overcome obstacles and are willing to face challenges. The right amount of self-confidence is necessary if you want to succeed in your chosen profession or business.

Do You Need a Coach, Mentor, or Consultant?–Part Three

Do You Need a Consultant? A consultant provides advice, recommendations, and solutions. They often are experts in their field and have worked with leading companies either in-house or as independent consultants. They have vast knowledge of best practices and state-of-the-art information of their industry. Consultants don’t work with you to elicit skills improvement, nor do …

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How to Use the 3 R’s of Business Growth and Profits

Social proof is the life-blood of business success The last time you needed a wedding planner, caterer, financial adviser, contractor, dentist, or just about anything else, did you ask friends and colleagues for a recommendation? Have you ever hired someone just by seeing an ad in social media? Do you check Amazon and Yelp reviews …

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