Why Create Lines of Information Products?

Creating a line of information products expands your earning ability because your customers will return over and over to buy more of what you offer.

 Retailers have known this for years.

Think about cosmetics brands. Each one offers lines of products that target a specific customer niche and focus on solving a problem that customer has. For example, teens and mature women have very different makeup and skin care challenges, so most cosmetic companies create lines of products for each niche.

Each line includes a variety of pro

ducts, such as moisturizers, exfoliants, day and night creams, makeup removers, enhancers, and so on. When a customer buys a few products, they are more likely to return for other items in the line.

You want to adopt this model for your information products. If one of your targeted customers purchases an e-Course from you, they probably want something else that complements their original purchase and gives them new, actionable information. When y

ou have lines of products, you can leverage them for additional profits.

Review the Information Products Wheel  and choose at least 5 different information products you could create in a single line of products. For example:

  1. eBook
  2. e-Course
  3. Live webinar
  4. Coaching package
  5. Weekly podcast

You can create an entire line of information products from your existing content. Just mix and match your articles, posts, tip sheets, and so on, the build an empire in just 9 steps.

Find out with Create an Entire Information Empire in 9 Steps e-course. Go to our sales page for more information. 


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